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Tex in the Studio

My name is Tex and I'm from London. I started Richard Moonstreet Ceramics in 2019 as I began my journey into studio pottery. I try to avoid using my own name for new projects in case they go horribly wrong and it becomes my legacy, so Richard was my escape. My art name, or my 'Nom de Pot'. Thankfully things haven't gone that horribly wrong...yet. The name comes from a road in Crewe called Richard Moon Street (named apparently after a jolly chap who ran the London Northwestern Railway in the 1800's). Our Google Home device randomly gave us directions to this street, unprovoked, at 2am one morning, so it was committed to memory, more through irritation than interest.

Even though the name was plucked out the mind of a digital assistant, I realised soon as I continued building my own style, the name started to suit what I was making. Instead of a random scrawl in the base of a vessel, which differentiated my bisque-ware from other artists in the studio, it became a ceramic identity. Now I look at Richard Moonstreet and see unique twists on the familiar. Mundane objects given a flair that nobody really asked for. But most of all I just see something fun and different. I've shared some of my creations on this site, and you can see them in the collections below. Many of the items show are available to own, so if there's any that you fall in love with, click the link and it can be yours! I'm very grateful for the support in my creations, and if you have any feedback or something you'd love to see me do next, drop me a line below or follow the socials!


Joe the Crow

Caw! He's a ring holder!


Brett with the Threat

You better be looking after yourself!


Haus of Honk Mugs

Something new!


Val with the Pal

She has a best friend


Pierre the Patissier

The Upper Crust!


Duck Bowls

Bowled Over!


Round Boys

Chunky and Caring!


Bread Geese!

Taking a slice of life!


Ed with the Bread

He loves baked goods!


Jake with the Cake

Party time!


Geese Bowls

He watches your soup


Chicken pet bowl

What's for dinner?


Pigeon pet bowl

Just pecking...


Duck pots!

Little orange feetsies!


Friendly Penguins

Chilly friend to keep you company


Chicken Pies

It's a Woman's touch...


Ducks with Hats

This season's must haves!



Be Proud!
A true ally.


Raku Xmas Trees

Festive cheer with some gorgeous deep space colours from a Raku firing


Raku Acorn

Beautiful metalic and smokey highlights add some character to this acorn


Earlier Every Year

Limited run of Christmas trees, available now for some festive joy!


Raku Candle Holders

Smokey, colourful and burnt vases to hold some fire and flame


Pigeon with chips

A hungry pigeon friend to cheer up your home. Unique handmade ceramic piece.


Bin Gull

One person's trash is a seagull's lunch



Let your flowers nest in this beaky bird vase.



The only thing better than a Ceramic cone of chips is an actual cone of chips!


Helpful Pigeon

A helpful friend to store your pens and pencils


Pigeon Pot

A small helpful bird to hold your trinkets


Peckish Pigeon

Friendly pigeon pecking a loaf


Hen with Egg

She's very proud of herself!


Feeding chickens at Colchester Zoo

I've always loved wildlife and animals. I remember sketching cartoon robins in junior school, adding hats and various characteristics and exaggerating them into fat little birds. I even tried to offer the artwork to greeting card companies but nobody really expressed interest (perhaps because I was 9). I think that's where the ceramic chickens emerged from, I always make sure to do a very tubby belly to give them the lardy character they deserve. I recently got some very funny/annoyed looks from the neighbours when I took delivery of 100kg of bird seed to keep the sparrows and pigeons on my balcony from being hungry over the winter. All birds deserve to be chunky.

As for everything else, I've always had a desire to make people happy. It seldom works. Nevertheless I will add expressions and smiles to my work wherever possible. Whether that's a very literal smirk on a pea in a pod, or just throwing and handbuilding something so non-sensical and ridiculous that you can't help look at it and smile. I've not yet met a ceramicist who would take a day off from bowls and vases to make a goose in a dustbin, or a surreal fried egg inspired by Dali's dripping clocks, so I'm glad to be cornering the market on things that nobody really needs (but hopefully secretly wants).

Wherever I go from here - and I have some totally preposterous ideas - I do hope to continue with the current mantra of just making things that spread some happiness.

=Tex in the Studio


Clay is an amazing versatile material to work with. Although pottery can be frustrating at times, it is cathartic and relaxing and an incredible blank canvas for your imagination! If you want to get involved to try it too, there are easy ways to start.

Have a look at London Potters for ideas on where to throw in the capital. Click Here!

=Shiny Vases


Four small ceramic jar vases

We only have one planet, and environmental impact in ceramic production is incredibly important.
Here are my commitments:

- All packaging material is either reused or made from recycled sources. I prioritise couriers who use electric or low emission vehicles, and wherever possible locally I will hand deliver items to my nearby customers.
- All clay is recycled during production and never disposed of. I'd always encourage this as it also makes clay a lot softer and nicer to work with!
- My home studio energy comes from only renewable resources, and a kiln is never fired unless full!
- I will never work with or accept a commission from a company that does not have an ethical practice.